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Submit your brief, and we will evaluate your assets, design elements, style etc. to trace down your design communication

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Designgram's Benefits

For how long will you waste time and energy on finding right designer? Get your own dedicated, reliable, fast and talented Design Team.

Unlimited Design

Unlimited Design

The truly unlimited video design plan with unlimited requests. Our team will diligently work through your requests.

Blazingly Fast

Blazingly Fast

Submit your design requests in the click of a button. Get even quicker turnaround of designs for your feedback.

No Extra Costs

No Extra Costs

You don't have to sign any contract, no hourly fee and no extra cost for each request. Flat monthly fee for unlimited designs.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated Account Manager and Design Team will help you with anything you need.

Team Collaboration

Team Collaboration

You can invited different members of your team to collaborate on one seamless platform for seamless execution and ideation.

You Own Everything

You Own Everythin

Every design created is 100% owned by you, including the sources files. All the revision designs are also owned by you.

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Custom Plans

Need Bulk Design Services? Or have some complicated projects? Reach out to our Sutomer Success Managers who can curate Custom Plans according to your need

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We've got Answers!

Designgram’s Unlimited Subscriptions include unlimited requests and also unlimited revisions. Once a request is submitted, your Dedicated Account Manager will check the brief that it has all the required details. Then they’ll assign the designer according to your work request. 
You can see the status of your requests in the Request Queue. Requests are managed in the sequence in which they are generated. 
You can prioritise the requests which are not active and are in the queue.
The average turn around time for Graphic Design Requests (which includes normal Social Media Posts, Ads, Banners, One Page Print Designs, Simple Logos) is 24 hours. And in the Video Subscriptions, on an average you will get 120-130 seconds videos every 2-4 working days. If you have Premium Plan or Custom Plans, the turn-around time for each requirement – be it graphic or video – will be same as per their individual packs. 
You will always get the same designers and the same team in Premium packs, that allows to get to know your Brand’s vision and messaging, which results in faster churn ratio and fewer revisions over continuous engagement.

Desgingram is for Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs), Startups, SMEs,  Freelancers, Marketers, Creative and Design Agencies, Entrepreneurs – just anyone who needs hig quality and cost effective design services at scale. 

We work on your request on the order of which they are generated. You can change the urgency or priority of the pending task in the Request Queue. You can also change the priority of Active Tasks (If Possible) after requesting to your Dedicated Account Manager.

1 Day Plan – It is a Special Introductory Launch Offer. It is design for urgent and quick tasks like designing some simple print designs, banner, social media posts. The plan typically covers 2-4 graphic design requests, or 1 Logo or 2 Simple Print Design. The 1 Day Plan could also include 1 GIF or 1 Motion Graphic Video(15 – 20 Secs) or Simple Logo Animation or Graphic Post Animation.
Unlimited Graphic Plan – The Unlimited Graphic plan includes Unlimited Graphic Designs and revisions. You can put in as many design requests as you want. There can be 2 Active Requests at a given time period. You get dedicated designers who work for you. 
Unlimited Video Plan – The Unlimited Video Plan includes unlimited videos (120-130 secs). Videos can be of different types – Explainer, Typography, Intro videos, Product Walkthroughs, Carousel, etc.  The usual turnaround time of 1 video if between 2-4 working days. 
Unlimited Graphics + Video Plan – It includes all the feature of Graphics + Video Plan.  The turnaround time as well for each service will be the same as per their individual plans. However, you can talk to your Dedicated Account Manager for estimated turn around time for some complicated requests. 

With each of Designgram’s subscription you get premium features that can include the evolving and varying nature of your design requests. 

Our Graphics Plan is an all encompassing one premium plans for your dynamic graphic design needs. It is a feature packed plan that includes ALL the different types of designs, without you having to pay any extra premium for them. From day to day marketing and collateral designs, to Landing Page designs to Custom Illustration and Unique GIFs AND Carousels for your campaigns – Everything under one package. Not only this, you can have multiple Brands as well under the same subscription. It is the true definition of Unlimited. We designed the plans to cater to the diverse needs of  graphic designs.
Designgram’s Video Plan is the unlimited Video and Motion Graphic subscription plan. In this plan, we can create an engaging video out of your existing video footage or we could make one from scratch with stock footages and images. You can request wide range of videos depending from where you want to use them. From Website videos to email to social media to Product Ads, whatever your video requirement, we are here for you. The video plan is crafted keeping in mind how important Video content has become in the Content Marketing Plan of any organisation.
In each of the subscription plans of Designgram, you can add unlimited team members to the platform to manage and request unlimited requests, at no extra cost. 

You will get a dedicated team that will work everyday on your project. Your team will consist of 1 Dedicated Account Manager and 3 Designers. 
Based on your requirement and brief, your Account Manager will match you with the best suited designer according to your project requirements. Once your active requests are completed, the designer then moves on to the next request in the queue. 

You may include these information for optimum design results : Format, Use Case, Size, Orientation, Color Scheme, Typography, Brand Elements, stock images, inspirational design and Text Copy. You should try to make the brief as elaborative and informational as possible, which will result in fewer revisions. 

The average turn around time for Graphic Design Requests (which includes normal Social Media Posts, Ads, Banners, One Page Print Designs, Simple Logos) is 24 hours. And in the Video Subscriptions, on an average you will get 120-130 seconds videos every 2-4 working days. If you have Premium Plan or Custom Plans, the turn-around time for each requirement – be it graphic or video – will be same as per their individual packs. 

Your dedicated design team will work on 2 Active Requests, at any  given time in each plan – Graphics or Video. 

With Graphics + Video Plan you can have 4 Active Requests ( 2 Graphics + 2 Video) at any given time. 
Your team will move on to the next task after putting the completed task to “In Review” category from “In Progress”. 

The following are the working hours depending upon the region you belong to. Our support team is there 24X7 to assist you but the Design Team’s working hours are mentioned below :- 

10:00am to 7:00pm IST

12:30pm to 8:30pm ACT

10:30am to 6:30pm MYT

New Zealand:
2:30pm to 10:30pm NZST

10:30am to 6:30pm SGT

1:30am to 9:30am EST
4:30am to 12:30pm EST

12:30am to 8:30am CST
3:30am to 11:30am CST

10:30pm to 6:30am PST
1:30am to 9:30am PST

7:30am to 3:30pm GMT

1:30am to 9:30am EST
4:30am to 12:30pm EST

12:30am to 8:30am CST
3:30am to 11:30am CST

10:30pm to 6:30am PST
1:30am to 9:30am PST

South Africa:
8:30am to 4:30pm SAST

  • Your requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. They are placed in the queue of your design team in the order in which they are received. After that, our staff will get to work delivering them.
  • With the DesignGram graphic subscription, you can expect to receive designs or modifications within 12-24 hours on average (this applies to designs like social media posts, web banners, and single-sided print designs).
  • With the DesignGram video membership, you’ll get one 30-60 second video every 2-4 business days on average. If you have a more difficult task, please let us know and we’ll give you an estimate of how long it will take.
  • Your turnaround times will be the same if you have a DesignGram Graphics + Video subscription. This implies that graphics have their own turnaround times, and videos have their own, so they don’t overlap. For example, if you have fewer graphic design requests in one week, your video requests will still be finished at the same rate as usual, because they’re all handled by the same team. Alternatively, you might do it the other way around.
  • You can add on subscriptions as needed if you require speedier outputs and cancel them as needed. Reach out to us on the live chat at www.designgram.io, 7 days a week, to learn more about adding extra subscribers! Log in to your account at  www.designgram.io to add an additional subscription.

You can make as many requests as you want. Your personal Project Manager will go over them with you to make sure we have all of the necessary information and then assign them to your design team. Your requests will be processed in the order in which you submit them by default, there will be 2 active requests at a time. However, if you ever need to rearrange or prioritize a task or tasks, you can do so by contacting our Project Manager. We understand. Priorities and deadlines alter from time to time. As a result, we’re pleased to be as accommodating as feasible in order to assist you in achieving your goals.

No. We are not offering any discount right now on multiple subscriptions as all our monthly subscriptions are on discounted rates for now.


  • Ecommerce Graphics
  • Infographics
  • GIFs
  • Billboards
  • Blog Images
  • Book Covers
  • Book Layouts
  • Booklets
  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Business Reports
  • Presentation Designs
  • Company Profiles
  • Corporate Branding
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Podcast Covers
  • Ebook Covers
  • Ebook Layouts
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Stall Designs
  • Magazine & Newspaper Ads
  • Newsletters
  • Emailer Designs
  • Labels
  • Packaging
  • Display Ads
  • Icons
  • Landing Pages
  • Logos
  • Flyers & Posters
  • Web Ads
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Exhibition Banners
  • POS Materials
  • PowerPoint Templates
  • Email Signatures
  • Product Mock-ups
  • Promotional Materials
  • Menus
  • OOH Signage


  • Basic & Advanced GIFs
  • Stitching timeline for Raw Footage
  • Company Culture Videos Editing on Raw Videos
  • Animated Demo Videos
  • Motion Posters
  • Thumbnails
  • Educational Videos
  • FAQ Videos
  • Logo Animations
  • Text Overlays
  • Product Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Explainer Videos
  • Testimonial Videos
  • Whiteboard Videos

DesignGram’s headquarters are in New Delhi, India. Meanwhile, our design team members are full-time DesignGram workers who operate from offices across the globe. We work together to ensure that our clients receive prompt responses to their inquiries and that their design demands are fulfilled as promptly as possible.

DesignGram is better than freelancers because we provide standard quality work every time. You will not have to stress over the timeline or credibility of the individual person. Instead of 1 person working on your project and not being able to perform multiple tasks, with Designgram, you get complete team support in one single platform. With DesignGram you get all the agency services without any agency fluff like a long onboarding process, long-term contracts, and huge costs!

We have kept everything very simple. There are no documentation or extensive onboarding. Similarly, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Just log in to your Designgram account and Cancel your subscription in few simple clicks. If you need any assistance with this, you can contact your Dedicated Account Manager or reach out to Customer Care.