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How To Increase Conversion On Facebook With Video Ads?

Facebook was one of the early champions of digital and targeted online advertising. So much so that the USA elections in 2016 ought to have a significant influence. If it can sway an entire country’s election, think of the magnitude of help it will give to your company.

Facebook and its Conversion Rate

The power of this social media-driven data mogul is not hidden by any. 

Facebook’s conversion rate (which could be anything beyond the call to action button, like account registration) is at 9%, much higher than that of Google’s. Facebook’s platform is of great help, and so are the advertisement methods like graphic designvideo design. Let us explore how?

What type of Ads are currently in trend on Facebook?

Facebook’s platform has the benefit of allowing all major forms of advertisements like posters etc. Graphic design, Video Design, GIFs, 3D, etc. Currently, videos are engaging people more, especially the shorter ones (reels mania).


Shooting outdoors is a too costly affair, and thus, animation came in. Designing can be done from home by even one person. 

Animated ads can be as simple as one element moving from a still image to a full feature video. These are very common now and which is why even Facebook recommends this. They have a “Create to Convert” tool, which helps single image ads to Facebook video ads. Check it out.

4 ways Video Ads are more Impactful for your Business

Facebook ads have come a long way from graphic design or still image advertisement. Marketers just have to learn how to use the tools. The conversions of this video design ads have above the roof. Let us see why it is gaining so much traction:

1. Creation of Brand’s Image and trust:

The effort is the key to it. When you go from image to video, targeted customers know that you have spent resources on it to get their attention. A similar theme followed in several ads helps register it too in their mind.

2. Animated videos help you get the spotlight

An image can be scrolled and seen, but a video demands a stoppage of scrolling to see it. It is important to make the video attention-grabbing in the first few seconds only. If decent work is put into making the animated video design, people will watch and remember it. It is very easy to showcase the features and benefits of the products as well in a very articulate manner.

3. Engagement gets a boost with animation

Animated video designs increase engagement by clicking, liking, or sharing the content. The gap between potential and actual customers is bridged pretty fast as the communication is very clear and in an attractive manner. 

4. More the Animation, The Merrier it is

Animated video designs top the list of social sharing on Facebook as per a report by BuzzSumo. The analysis shows the number to touch 25 million! Easy to digest and interactive as they are, the organic engagement gets a considerable boost.

Why are Animated Facebook Ads are trending & why do you need them?

With all the information we have provided, it’s now proven that animated video designs triumphs in the attention game. A 2021 study shows that most people watch the videos on mute as they might be at work on public travel or just without headphones. This further helps lower the budget and deliver what is needed at the earliest. 

We can look at some successful animated ads that are trending on Facebook:


A theme of green and white (denoting money & their logo) with the hinge of yellow makes the brand settle with us. The benefits are all told in animated form.


As per the logo, a color scale of blue and white dominates while videos effectively speak about all the features and offerings. A human face is added too.


Using GIFs into postcard fixed frames make them perfect social share worthy-videos. They go beyond just selling products but tagging to new trends as well.

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