Tips For A Successful Rebranding

Rebranding i.e., changing the logo, name, purpose, product, etc. of a company is no longer a once-in-a-lifetime act but is becoming a common phenomenon. Both successful or struggling, known or new, rebranding is more frequent than ever. Let us understand what it means and the best ways to do it.

What is rebranding?

Rebranding means revamping and redesigning the Brand identity as per the contemporary needs and demands. Rebranding can be done for various reasons – To highlight the new Vision, To highlight the change in the Focus Area of the Company, to stay relevant to the changing dynamics of Design Language, etc. The brand identity is the image and persona of the company with which it is identified, distinguished, associated, loved, and recognized. 

When the Branding is stagnated, falling, or for any other vision that the board thinks needs to be changed, the exercise is called rebranding.

It can involve a change of logo, name, motto, product portfolio, and communication strategy (using interactive graphic image design and video design).

Does your company need a rebranding?

The following set of questions can be asked to evaluate if your company needs rebranding at all:

🔹Are your existing customers or the targeted customers unable to resonate with the brand?

🔹Is it mandatory to enter a new market or target new customers?

🔹Are the changing market forces pushing the rebranding requirement?

🔹Has the company been maligned with negative associations which need to be removed?

🔹To create a higher brand image across channels. 

If any or more than one answers a strong yes, then you are ready for the rebranding wave.

Important Consideration Factors

You might get a go-ahead by analyzing the above-mentioned questions, but that is not all of it. We still need another round of strategy-making before starting the process. Here are some critical factors to be considered for rebranding:

  1. A precise corporate level and business level strategy are needed with an implementation plan.
  2. Preparing the company for a complete overhaul in the way it operates.
  3. Do not take the existing customers for granted to gain new ones. The existing ones are the bread and butter of your business. They must be communicated very clearly about the change and the need for it (why not use the unlimited graphic design and video design available online for better communication).
  4. Be ready for feedback and, mostly, the negative ones. There will be a lot of resistance to face and questions to answer.
  5. Determination! It is a long, steady, and slow-burning process. 

Some Famous Examples of Rebranding

🔹Apple – The logo and the motto of “think different” came up while it struggled against Microsoft in the late 90s.

🔹Coca-Cola – Logo was redesigned to capture the world’s cold drink market & thus, refresh the image.

🔹Pepsi – In 2008, with logo changes to attract youth to compete Coca Cola.

There are some risks associated with the rebranding to be successful. There is a lot of research needed to complete the task, besides strategy and vision. Designgram is an online graphic image and graphic video platform with a dedicated team to help you out with this. Book a Call Now!